Okay everybody! I have been trying to keep up both my photography blog and my family blog and it has become too time consuming soooooo..... I am going to be merging the two. Family plus Photography since it really is all about our life. So if you haven't been there before check out the other blog at laurarauch.blogspot.com This is the one I will be updating from now on!

Love ya, Laura


I love these moody shots of my kids!!!

This is driving my crazy, when I upload my pic's they look fuzzy!


This is my attempt at getting a new picture of my kids together.
Okay so Ash was just having a bad day hopefully they can be bribed
into a cute shot for me soon!

I think she was just not in the mood.
Love this shot though! Two seconds later
she was laughing and having a great time!


Two Princesses and a Pirate!
This year surprise, surprise the girls wanted to be princesses. I am pretty sure it comes with the age. I wouldn't let them wear their costumes until a theme party the week before. Not realizing it would be a good idea shake the sparkles out of Ashtyn's dress before she got in the jumpy. So sorry to all of those kids that got in after her and were permanently sparkled!
The kids had so much fun trick or treating we lost track of time and never made it to the church carnival. Good thing we hadn't talked about it. Since Halloween Ashtyn has asked to go trick or treating a few times. So funny, like it was an option similar to going to the park or Disneyland!
I love that Brad looks the part of a white trash person (kinda hideous) but the side burns that wouldn't stay next to his head are hilarious! I was a poor sport this year and didn't dress up. I think my extra busy photography schedule paired with middle of the night feedings is sucking up all my extra energy. There is always next year! =) Oh and seriously how cute is Jett!!


Happy 5 Months to my sweet baby boy!!!!
Although he doesn't look particularly happy in this picture I love it!

Such a ham, Miss Skyler!
This is her attempt to satisfy my need to photograph her.

While at the Pumpkin Park as we call it Skyler showed her lack of skill
in the driving department. I am officially worried about her driving skills.

Wheeeee! The only ones on the ride and they wanted to be together,
sooo cute!

Love this one!!


My girls "Pony Party" at Zoomar's! Thanks everyone for coming out! The girls had a blast celebrating Skyler's 4th Birthday and Ashtyn's 2nd Birthday! Seriously where has the time gone????


Ashtyn came running to Jett saying "it's you, it's you", the doll does have a resemblence!


Birthday Girls at Disneyland!!!!

Skyler turned 4 and Ashtyn turned 2 so we decided it was time to go back to the happiest place on earth. It was a very princess filled day. We waited in line to meet the princesses, got faces painted, saw tinkerbell, and then ate at Ariels Grotto. We were able to go in quite a few rides. As you can tell by the picture of Skye with Mulan the spaghetti there was a HIT! Luckily Jen was able to watch Jett because it was a super hot day and he would not have lasted. I was so proud of us that we stayed so long. =)


Pool Fun!!!
This summer has been an amazing time at the pool! Skye has become a really good swimmer and Ashtyn and Jett love to tag along too. Okay so Jett likes to nap along!


We went to a new children's museum in our area, Pretend City! It was really fun even though I thought it was really expensive. I mean they even charged $2 for Jett (not pictured) =).


My Eyes
Probably my favorite feature but today they are making me sad. The reason is because everyone used to always tell me I have my Dad's eyes. I really miss him, I miss having him to call when I need advice or when he would leave me a message and call me "sweet thing", or his great bear hugs. Many of you know my Dad is really, really funny. I have always compared him to Bill Cosby because that is the kind of funny he is. I remember for my 15th birthday I had a suburban full of friends come over and then my dad drove us to a restaurant for dinner and he thought it was hilarious to do his best impression of farm animal noises. Oh course at the time I was mortified but now I love that memory. I always loved they way he treated my Mom. He adores her and would always want to dance with her for no reason and would always tell her how beautiful she was. It really made me know how I wanted my husband to treat me (and he does). My Dad left us the day that Ashtyn joined us and I can't believe it has already been 2 years.
I love you and I thank you for your love and guidance.  I miss you and think of you often!
Love, your baby girl


My Dearest Ashtyn,
May you always have this cheezy smile.
I love you so much!


Our Cutie Pies
Jett has the biggest smile! I love it!

Ashtyn singing Jett a song

Skyler loves Jett soooo much! (maybe too much ;)


Skyler learning how to boogie board!
Notice the sand all over her face.My gorgeous niece and Jett

Ashy and Skye Pie


Love being able to have all the cousins together!
Although technically Chelsie is my cousin.
We have been spending many days at Brad's mom and Steve's house.
Since Bethany and Jason are here! and saying our goodbyes to Nicole.
So glad Dee hasn't kicked us out yet! =)


Love love love! No Doubt!
For my 30th birthday Brad bought me front row tickets to the
No Doubt concert. We were right behind the pit.
It was an amazing show! Gwen rocked it!
Thanks Brad your amazing!


Skyler has always had these amazing expressions. Even when she was a baby she would make the funniest faces. Always with some Sass of course.