Happy 5 Months to my sweet baby boy!!!!
Although he doesn't look particularly happy in this picture I love it!

Such a ham, Miss Skyler!
This is her attempt to satisfy my need to photograph her.

While at the Pumpkin Park as we call it Skyler showed her lack of skill
in the driving department. I am officially worried about her driving skills.

Wheeeee! The only ones on the ride and they wanted to be together,
sooo cute!

Love this one!!


My girls "Pony Party" at Zoomar's! Thanks everyone for coming out! The girls had a blast celebrating Skyler's 4th Birthday and Ashtyn's 2nd Birthday! Seriously where has the time gone????


Ashtyn came running to Jett saying "it's you, it's you", the doll does have a resemblence!