This is my attempt at getting a new picture of my kids together.
Okay so Ash was just having a bad day hopefully they can be bribed
into a cute shot for me soon!

I think she was just not in the mood.
Love this shot though! Two seconds later
she was laughing and having a great time!


Two Princesses and a Pirate!
This year surprise, surprise the girls wanted to be princesses. I am pretty sure it comes with the age. I wouldn't let them wear their costumes until a theme party the week before. Not realizing it would be a good idea shake the sparkles out of Ashtyn's dress before she got in the jumpy. So sorry to all of those kids that got in after her and were permanently sparkled!
The kids had so much fun trick or treating we lost track of time and never made it to the church carnival. Good thing we hadn't talked about it. Since Halloween Ashtyn has asked to go trick or treating a few times. So funny, like it was an option similar to going to the park or Disneyland!
I love that Brad looks the part of a white trash person (kinda hideous) but the side burns that wouldn't stay next to his head are hilarious! I was a poor sport this year and didn't dress up. I think my extra busy photography schedule paired with middle of the night feedings is sucking up all my extra energy. There is always next year! =) Oh and seriously how cute is Jett!!