2 months already!
wow how time flies!!! jett is 2 months old!
dear jett,
i love you my son!
i am so grateful that God has given us the blessing of being able to take care of you.
even though you keep me up all hours of the night i love you more each day.
thank you for being so sweet!
i love you always and forever, mommy


Locks of Love
A few months ago Skyler had decided she wanted a haircut because like most little girls with long hair she hates to get it brushed. So we have been talking about giving it away to a girl that doesn't have hair and Skyler really liked the idea. She had fun drawing a picture to accompany the hair and mailing it away. They ended up cutting 12 inches off.


Family Reunion 2009
We spent a week in Eden, Utah. It was really fun to be able to spend time with all of our fam. We were able to play at the lake, swim in the pool and have a really adventurous hike!


Happy 4th of July!
We were able to spend the holiday with
my brother Doug, his beautiful wife Melissa and their
7 kids!